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Mary Anning (2019)

A bit about me and the project!

This project was self motivated! I love history, particularly to see how others lived and their adventures. Mary Anning was someone I only discovered a little while a go and was kind of shocked I'd never heard of her previously! When I was in Dorset, I went fossil hunting during a rainstorm and went away with a sizeable Ammonite. (Picture proof right.) I felt a strange buzz, strutting on that rainy beach showing the other treasure hunters what I have found. Yes I was drenched and covered in mud but it somehow felt worth it? I knew I wanted to make some piece of art or animation about fossil hunting. And discovering Mary Anning, a woman of little education and living in poverty, yet finding  relics from millions of years ago was too tempting not to pursue! 



The technical side...

 I aimed to develop my animation skills in After Effects. But also work on a piece quicker, and with faster decision making (which I was able to succeed at!). I am defiantly inspired by Cartoon Saloon and their incredible works of art. I wanted to create illustrations that I could animate, and not so much just vector shapes. This led me to creating all my assets in photoshop for a textured, wonky, natural look that I really love! 

My roles



Character Design,





Fossil Hunting Dorset

A closer look at my Assets and development. 

Character Sketches.jpg

The top hat,,

Upon researching, Mary Anning was sketched sporting a top hat for a makeshift hard hat, I loved that so much I made sure to add it!

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