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Whimsical Designs by CJ (2020)

A bit about me and the project!

A really fun project for a company that specialise in Children's book illustration. This had a fast turn around, my time being divided between redesigning the company logo and creating storyboards, illustrations and animating the commercial. 


I used Adobe illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects to create this.

Chasity Hampton,

Founder of Whimsical designs by CJ 

"She is truly a star!! A gem! So talented and I’m super excited to work with her again!" 


Final_Logo copy.png

As part of this project I was tasked to re-invent the logo for Whimsical Designs by CJ. 

My brief was to keep the original brand logo colours, and the original idea of the logo (Combining a Taurus and Leo to create a Bull/Lion hybrid). To do this I wanted to make the logo simple and clear so that we can see this reference. 


I was inspired by ladybird and puffin books at how they use the logo mark on it’s own. I especially was thinking about that in regards to any social media/animations in the future. I was inspired by how others put so much character into the mark, even with the most simplest designs.


I wanted the logo to be colourful and simple in form so the youngest of child can still connect with it.

Creating the logo


Especially as an animator and illustrator, when designing the logo I was thinking how can this be animated? So when it came to do the animation I could envision the cheeky Lion/Bull swinging it's mane and roaring. Above are the different expressions. 

My illustrations

I Illustrated the different elements as you see below, I was especially conscious of making the animation use the brand colours, but also spice it up with greens to make the pinks pop. I also wanted the drawings to be organic so used natural brushes. Consciously I kept my illustrations simpler so that Whimsical Design Illustrations stand out more.


Art Tools.jpg
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